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Title: Phoenix.
Author: [personal profile] icyboots [ profile] icynovas 
Characters: Cloud's mother, Cloud, mentions of AVALANCHE.
Rating: PG
Status: One-shot. Complete.
Notes: OGC, canon-divergence. I go with Claudia Strauss regarding Cloud's mother's name (from that one concept art). 

Summary: Her nightmares were the image of her boy, shame in his eyes as he told her that he didn't make it, couldn't achieve his dream, and her not being able to speak, comfort him. Her nightmares were her son taken away from her embrace by something she couldn't even remember or name. Her nightmares were this.

[Cloud's mother survives the Nibelheim incident].


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Well, here I am, popping my mpreg cherry. This is a giftfic for my beloved [profile] towo, and her wonderful art that's made me like mPreg. A little.

Here you go, sweetie! Hope it was worth the wait!

Title: The Birth
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud
Rating/Warnings: G, mpreg, slash, and descriptions of cannibalistic urges towards baby toes.
Summary: The first hour of his baby's life is a very memorable one for Sephiroth.

It's a girl!
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Title: Pumpkins With Faces
Author: [personal profile] xpaperplanex
Rating: G
Word Count: ~1800
Characters: Sephiroth, Cloud, Kunsel
Genre: friendship
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I do not own FFVII or Crisis Core and make no money from this work.
Summary: In the midst of a war, Sephiroth learns about holidays and Cloud makes a new friend.
Previous: Draw With Me

Pumpkins With Faces
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Title: Behind the Armour
Author: [personal profile] mystiri_1
Fandoms: Final Fantasy VII, Iron Man (Movie)
Pairing/characters: Reeve Tuesti
Rating: G
Contains: vague mentions of violence
Prompt: FFVII/Marvel!verse for [personal profile] vonuberwald .

Summary: Necessity is the mother of invention.
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Title: How Many Chocobos...
Author: [personal profile] mystiri_1 
Pairing/characters: Tseng, Sephiroth, Zack, Reno, Original Chocobo Character
Rating: G
Contains: Chocobos
Prompt: Zack Fair and Reno, "So, what's the funniest thing you can think of to do with this many Chocobos?" For [personal profile] inoru_no_hoshi via [community profile] fic_promptly .
Author's Note: So I sort of forgotten I'd written this until someone commented on it. Also, Tseng sort of took over.

Summary: Of the many things Tseng likes about being a Turk, not dealing with chocobos is one of them.

Going Down?
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Title: Stories and Friends
Author: [personal profile] xpaperplanex
Rating: G
Word Count: ~700
Characters: Sephiroth
Genre: AU, angst
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I do not own FFVII and make no money from this work.
Summary: The stories might have been true, right?

Previous Chapters: | HWC | Mislabelled and Side Stories |

Stories and Friends
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Title: Unwell
Author: [personal profile] mystiri_1 
Pairing/characters: Genesis/Angeal
Rating: G
Contains: N/A
Prompt: Author's choice, author's choice, Unwell - Matchbox Twenty. For [personal profile] inoru_no_hoshi via [community profile] song_prompt

Summary: He knows what Angeal is thinking.
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Title: If I Were...
Author: [personal profile] xpaperplanex
Rating: G
Characters: Sephiroth
Genre: AU, fluff
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I do not own FFVII and make no money from this work.
Summary: No one would hurt him if he had teeth like that... How Sephiroth came by his fondness for certain creatures. Set way back before the start of HWC.

Previous Chapters: | HWC | Mislabelled and Side Stories |

Chapter 6
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Title: Mother's Day
Author: [personal profile] xpaperplanex
Rating: G
Characters: Sephiroth, Cloud
Genre: AU, friendship, drama
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I do not own FFVII and make no money from this work.
Summary: A mention of Mother's Day accidentally dredges up old hurts. Jenova was hardly an ideal mother, but she was still his mother.

Previous Chapters: | HWC | Mislabelled and Side Stories |

Mother's Day

Nine Drabbles

Characters: Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack, Marlene, Tifa
Pairings: Sephiroth/Cloud
Ratings: G to R
Warnings: character death, non-graphic non-con

Rebel's Goodbye and the rest.
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Title: Dangerous
Author: [personal profile] mystiri_1 
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Pairing/characters: Aerith/Zack, Tseng
Rating: G
Contains: N/A
Prompt: Author's choice, Author's choice, Invisible Touch - Genesis. For [personal profile] dark_kana  via [community profile] song_prompt .

Summary: She has a way about her.
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Title: Grand Plans
Author: [personal profile] mystiri_1
Pairing/characters: Reeve Tuesti
Rating: G
Contains: character study
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Reeve Tuesti, the final blueprints for Midgar. For [personal profile] traxits via [community profile] fic_promptly .

Summary: He'd always dreamed of working on the Plate.

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Title: Temper Tantrums and Breaking Pencils
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7 (Crisis Core)
Rating: G
Word count: 8500ish
Fic Series: In This Together (ongoing)
Summary: In the end, Genesis won, but a project will always be a project.
A/N: This is part of my ongoing series "In This Together." This is the second chronologically, and follows directly after "A Series of Firsts." I have no idea why my brain likes writing Genesis as a small, bratty child. Other than, of course, kiddie!Genesis!logic is fun. XD;;;

He sat on the rim of the fountain and swung his feet out while he waited. He had time, and he did this every day going to school--he always left home a little early, and waited here for Angeal.
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Title: Midgar Burning
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairings/characters: Rufus, Reeve
Rating: G
Contains: mild spoilers for Dirge of Cerberus. Yes, I am aware that AVALANCHE took out the reactors in the game, but I have a hard time believing they took out all eight by themselves.
Summary: Rufus watches his father's city burn.

The end of an era.
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Title: Letters to Home
Co-Authors: [personal profile] illiadandoddity and [personal profile] xpaperplanex
Rating: G
Word Count: ~2300
Pairings: Sephiroth/Cloud
Genre: family, romance
Status: complete, one-shot
Warnings: none
Disclaimer We do not own FFVII and make no money from this work.
Summary: The funny thing about letters is how much is between the lines...

Sorry for the twice in one day thing.

Letters to Home
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Title: Lit. Anal. 101
Original Challenge: Bulwer-Lytton
Characters: Genesis
Word count: 100

“But of course ‘Loveless’ is the epitome of literature, having endured in one form or another for centuries – indeed, allegedly since the time of the Cetra themselves, to whom the work is sometimes credited – and, being a reflection of the hubris innate in humanity – and, one can presume, in the Cetra as well – it is likely to endure long past our time has gone; the only real question is whether it is merely a work of literature, or whether it has some prophetic agency at work as well, which often seems the case – Angeal, are you even listening to me?”

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Title: Sunny Day
Challenge: Letter
Characters: Galian Beast
Word count: 100
A/N: I am so going to hell sorry for this… Written for
[community profile] ffvii_100 on InsaneJournal.

He was surrounded by monsters. Again.

Big ones, small ones, creatures of every imaginable size and shape and color. Things with wings and things that hopped on bent and crooked legs. Some had what might pass for faces, like himself; others sported beaks or, in a few cases, odd protrusions that might have been snouts – or snorkels.

They yammered and yelped, babbled and yipped. Some of them sang in warbling, almost-human voices. The cacophony was deafening.

Sensing it was time to act, the shaggy purple behemoth lumbered into the weirdness.

“Today’s episode was brought to you by the letter ‘G’…’”
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Title: Called Forth
Author: [personal profile] mystiri_1 
Pairing/characters: Zack, Angeal, Cloud
Rating: G
Warnings: AU - maybe.
Prompt: [community profile] ff_exchange mooglefluff for Fayah, who wanted one of the Crisis Core SOLDIERs to find a summon materia with AC!Cloud.
Summary: When Zack tries summoning with a new materia, he finds more questions than answers.

'Zack. You're not going to try it to see what it does.' )
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Title: Breaking the Ice
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Hojo/Lucrecia
Rating: G
Word Count: 411
Compltered or In Progess? Completed
Warnings: For depicting Hojo as actually having human feelings.

Summary: Hojo is interested in the woman he works beside, but cannot bring himself to talk to her and Lucrecia likes mysteries.
Author's Notes: Canon used for this fic only includes the original game except for the use of Lucrecia's last name. This was written for [community profile] overlooked and the prompt was "Beginnings".
Disclaimer: These guys aren't mine, they belong to Square-Enix instead. Also, I make no money off of this.

Hojo didn't particularly care for people...
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Title: Picking the Right Color
Characters: Cloud Strife, Yuffie Kisaragi

Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to Square-Enix.
Word Count: 719
Completed or In Progress: Completed one-shot.
Summary: Yuffie asks Cloud to help her shop.
Author's Notes: Written for Gen in January. Prompt was "Lipstick" and it was to be written using the character Cloud Strife. This is my first attempt at writing using any of the canon outside the original game.

Picking the Right Color


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Title: Forgiveness
Rating: G
Warnings: Some dark themes, I guess.
Disclaimer: I do not own or make money off FF7.
Completed or In Progress: Completed
Summary: “What brings you here, Vincent Valentine?”
Author's Notes: This is Sterling‘s x-mas gift. I apologize for not writing this on time. I had to think about this a lot, before writing it. This is also Post AC, pre-Dirge.

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