Sep. 25th, 2017 08:54 pm
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[personal profile] kalloway: *also mostly going hmmm*

[personal profile] kalloway: Well, I mentioned trying to make a little bingo card out of things I want/need/should write, etc.?

[personal profile] kalloway: And I found a sticky for [Fandom], which just says 'for [friend]', but that's literally all I've got

[personal profile] kalloway: Except I did find a comment where I mentioned having a bit of fluff for her pairing in a notebook.

[personal profile] kalloway: in a notebook

[personal profile] kalloway: IN A NOTEBOOK

[personal profile] kalloway: I think the safer route is going to be the two cakes route in which I ignore this detail, write something new, and then if the aforementioned bit turns up while going through notebooks later, yay bonus.

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Sep. 25th, 2017 03:07 pm
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After seeing this jacket I wish I'd actual enjoyed the movie because my sister's beast ended up damaging my Black Widow jacket quite a bit.  Also I wish the X-Men had all this awesome merchandise because I would love a 90's Rogue jacket and while I didn't care for the Morrison years I liked the jackets.  

I completely and totally called the protagonist in Uprooted being jealous of her bestie by the second page and at the time I found it rather annoying because the last fairy tale young adults book I read I loved the relationship between the heroine and her bestie so having this plastic relationship was fairly annoying.  Then the writer went even more out of their way to make the relationship plastic because as our heroine does her epic rescue of her bestie she discovers that she's been jealous of her bestie the whole time and that her bestie has been jealous of her and it doesn't mean anything in their relationship at all. 

Maybe if I connected more to the heroine this wouldn't bother me but it seems another case of my heroine is perfect and the writer is aware enough to realized that she needs more than clumsiness as a fake flaw.  Honestly, I don't see why all the fake flaws are necessary just put your perfect heroine in a morally complex situation and watch her struggle.  

My sister is right about I'm way to saturated from reading books with heroines to the point that if it doesn't have the clichés I like then the book just rubs me the wrong way.  That this book when our heroine is racing to save her bestie I wasn't at all emotionally interested in the struggle but I was super curious to how the heroine could save her give how the world verse mechanics were explained.  The how was interesting but then we had to go back to our heroine and her relationships.  I also freaking hate mentor romances so her major relationships consist of me and my perfect buddy and me and my hugely older mentor who is completely a jerk to me so while the world verse is interesting nothing else is.  
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1) It's a non-teaching week this week, which means my alarm is turned most definitely off and I am catching up on sleep. It's also cold and wet and rainy, to the point where when I was starting to write up my journal this morning I inadvertently started entering the month as "June".

2) I have managed to complete the AV presentation which was driving me bats, and now I have to concentrate on getting my poetry portfolio done. Which means I have to settle down and actually get into a poetry mindspace, which is somewhat akin to having an unstructured dose of therapy. Poetry involves rummaging around in the subconscious, and the problem with doing this for me is I keep finding things in there I don't remember putting there. Like discovering the reason I'm so keen on Final Fantasy VII as a fandom is because I actually empathise strongly with Cloud Strife's memory problems (because they're rather akin to the ones I have as a result of chronic depression).

3) I've done my vote in the Marriage Equality survey, and I think Steve dropped both of them off in the post-box on Friday. I voted "yes", of course, because quite frankly I cannot for the life of me see how allowing people who aren't heterosexual to marry is going to "damage marriage". The arguments of the "No" campaign appear to be mainly based around "think of the children" (I don't have any myself, and I'm thinking of the non-heterosexual and non-gender-binary children who might want to get married when they grow up); "it's against our religion" (well, nobody's saying you have to go out and get married to anyone); "marriage is about having children" (oh, does that mean my infertile friend is damaging the institution of marriage? How about my mother, who's past the age of reproduction and still married to my father?) and so on. None of their arguments really appear to be based on anything sensible, because let's face it, we can't point to a sensible argument against extending marriage to non-heterosexual people.

(Also, on the whole "freeze peach" side of things: if anyone who is busy screaming about how it's going to result in priests being forced to perform gay weddings against their wills and against religious canon can actually point to a single case of this having occurred anywhere in the world where non-heterosexual marriage is already permitted, then I'll start paying attention to this particular argument. But until then... it's a stupid argument).

4) I have a bunch of seedlings from my mother that I picked up on Saturday - Mum buys a bunch of seedlings every year to plant out in her vegetable garden, but the vege patch isn't really all that big, so she's usually got some over. So now she's giving them to me, and I'm going to be planting them out in my vegetable garden space. If the rain ever lets up for long enough for me to get it done. I will also be surrounding them with enough snail bait to hopefully keep the troops of snails we currently have decimating everything in the garden well away for a while.

5) We have received an invitation to come over for dinner tonight from my parents. My brother, in a fit of enthusiasm (and in the grip of a high-protein diet) decided since today is a public holiday (and he thus doesn't have to go in to work) he was going to barbecue an entire beef brisket. So he went and bought himself what looks like half a cow - seriously, the thing occupied about half the width of my parents' chest freezer. So they've invited myself and Steve over to help consume the wretched thing. I may wind up being given some leftovers to take home with me, which means cottage pie for dinner some time this week.

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 08:52 pm
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Aside from squeaking in all those fics/ficlets/drabbles last night, I put on Dragonball, since it's been sitting here and I've wanted to revisit it~ *grins* So far, Boycritter seems to be enjoying it. And I haven't seen it uncensored, so this is fun~

I'll do some proper fic-announcement posts at some point soonish. Some of them are for some fairly obscure fandoms, alas? AO3's interface does not make for quick fic posting and deargods, I am still horrible with titles. *sighs*

I finally ordered the latest volume of Astray manga and I'm sort of dreading it. From what I've gathered of the premise, it's going to manage to insult a couple of my favorite characters by making them completely OoC and actually fart on the entire premise of SEED in the process. Good job. *sighs* And yet I'm buying it anyway, because.

I also ordered the new volume of UraBoku/The Betrayal Knows My Name. So glad it's coming out again~~ I got into it a couple of Yuletides ago to write something for [personal profile] roseargent and no regrets~

Aaaand, the Pilot Candidate/Candidate for Goddess box set which includes the OVA! \o/ So a little old, a little new all around. ^_^

It's been unseasonably warm here... I'm ready for it to be fall~

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 08:24 pm
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 All that is good in the world I would have never entertained the idea of Gaston being the hero of Beauty and the Beast before, oh do I.  Maybe it was that the rest of the live action Beauty and the Beast was so terrible they didn't even bother giving Belle the right horse but Gaston's backstory and the fact that he is wildly infatuated with Belle seemed rather interesting.  

So now you have your returning hero everyone adores even though he is a complete and totally must but does his best to cover most of it by being charmingly arrogant and his hero status is carrying him along. The town is different than when he left, the people are different, he is different, the whole world is different all except Belle who still has her noise stuck in a book and treats him with the polite disinterest that she's done all of their childhood. 

Obvious all the reasons he has never been friends with her are still there she's a snob who thinks she's better than him because she can read, is wildly clever, and terrible beauty and now that he is back from the war she's even more infuriating with those romantic adventure stories swirling around in her head when he's found adventure isn't at all romance.  But unlike everything else in his life she's a remind of the more innocent past.

In Belle's case she hadn't ever bothered given Gaston much thought as neither their interest or social circle had ever quite meet.  He had never been cruel to her but he hadn't been a friend either and now he's acting as though they are old school chums when he'd barely spoken to her and all the while becoming more and more fed up with her books and her dreams.  

Then Belle's mad father rushes into town with tales of a beast in a castle and Belle's peril.  Gaston doesn't believe him no because he believe magic doesn't exist because he saw more of it than he ever wanted in the war but because magic doesn't exist in his town.  Except he'd been noticing things and Belle isn't at home even though no one saw her leave the village.  

Of course he finds her in an enchanted castle no one has ever hear of in the town and of course there is a beast who is a dear as Belle tells him under a terrible curse that she's trying to undo.  Of course Gaston still plans on rescuing her because the beast is cursed for a reason and this isn't one of her fairy tales were everyone lives happy ever after.  Of course there is a rather epic argument.  Most of all, of course, they are both right.  

Whether the story goes with the cutesy solution to the situation with the beast or takes a darker turn the actual problem isn't the beast but that there is an enchanted castle in the forest no one except Belle knows about.  Her story is chillingly similar to a situation Gaston is familiar with.  

Gaston still wants to go home and leave the world saving to others as he's done his part but Belle hasn't so she's going to figure out the situation and Gaston stays with her despite his better judgement. 

That's about as far as I'd gotten with the idea. 


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The third and last individual home of round 2! for my Medieval Challenge/BACC mash up!
Now, these families are already established

(Have married and had kids)

So! Read these first to catch up!

The First Challenge - Who will be King (Finished)
Intro & Days 1-3|Days 4-7|Days 8-11|Days 12-18|Finale
Second Challenge - Expansion
(In progress)
Round One

Noble Family Ulrik|Noble Family Kerbasi|Royal Family Akahata
Round Two
Noble Family Ulrik|Noble Family Kerbasi

Let's finally finish up round 2!
[These shots were before I installed the post-effects mod.]

29 More Pictures Behind the Cut! )

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Sep. 22nd, 2017 07:18 pm
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All the fics, ficlets, and drabbles for [personal profile] luxken27's Summer Mini-Challenge are written! Because I'm ridiculous! Now, for the quickest bit of editing and posting known to the land~~

Go go go!

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Sep. 22nd, 2017 03:55 pm
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At first I wasn't quite in to Uprooted.  Now that I've gotten to the part of the book were it explains that the main girl isn't a blundering incompetent merely that there are different ways of understanding and wielding magic which is a pretty transparent girls are intuitive and boys are logic metaphor there with the tradition intuitive is far better even though they are clearly setting up to work best together.  

The world build has gotten better and the heroine has finally stopped being so useless and dumb which could have been easily done away with going into that she is a path of least resistance person so when magic was hard she didn't bother with it but when it was easy she was in love.  Which makes sense with her relationships with the Dragon and her true love but wasn't framed well to begin with.  

though I suppose that has been my problem with the book so far.  The beginning of the last chapter I read started with her friends family coming to the Dragon's town then rambled about events that happened since the last chapter the bang it starts back with the chapter beginning to the point I had to go back a few pages to figure out what was going on.  All of this could have been fixed if the structure had been slightly adjusted to where the heroine was walking into the Dragon's library musing on the events that had occurred and then noticed the family coming.  Or cute out the musing all together.  

I get the writer is showing the heroine's headspace but it makes reading a bit confusing.  


Sep. 21st, 2017 08:05 pm
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I didn't forget about [personal profile] luxken27's annual summer prompt tables, but I've just been so... flat that I couldn't even anything.

Tomorrow is the due date. I am going to be downright hellbent ridiculous determined.


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Sep. 19th, 2017 04:34 pm
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"Oh, I know just the menu to use for this... I can have them order..." *digs out fancy restaurant menu, starts perusing*

Ten minutes later...

"WAAAAIIIIT! This is supposed to be a short smutfic with minimal lead-up."


*scribbles notes for longer epic foodporn fic to write later*



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Sep. 18th, 2017 07:10 pm
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Well, I need to go back to it at some point and rework it into a list for this week, but I'm pretty confident in saying I didn't get most of my weekend to-do taken care of. ^^;; I did get a lot done in the bookroom, which was definitely one of the most important things. However, a lot of it involved unpacking and sorting books and now my bedroom is a disaster of bookpiles (whoops?). I ended up moving a couple of bookcases and the desk twice, because I had ~~different ideas, and then I had one more but ended up not doing it, because instead of trying to incorporate the cedar chest that's been floating around, I should see about parting with it. I don't use it, stuff gets piled on it, and like many pieces of furniture that came over here, it's not actually in very good shape. Well... I don't have to decide on anything today.

Basically, I have to keep reminding myself that not only can I be flexible, it's okay if I am. So if this layout isn't working in a few weeks, I can try something new.

Just unpacking and sorting, I've pulled out three books to go already. Well, for one, I read one chapter and immediately deposited it in the 'take to pagan shop' basket. Not my cuppa. I suspect this will happen more and more as I keep going, especially with reference books that are interesting but not the sorts of things I'll ever need to reference that often, or that seem impressively redundant (like the dozens of gardening books).

Other than that, words! I'm sort of trying for the impossible, lol. Wish me luck! (And words!)

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Sep. 17th, 2017 07:59 pm
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 So apparently I should have bought X-Men Destiny at full price the moment it was released for PS3.  After Infamous I've moved on to replaying Destiny again which if I'm not mistaken is my most replayed of the PS3 games.  This is sad because I have no earthly idea what my most replayed PS1 and PS2 games are at all.  

I know that there is much fan dislike for this game for sound reason which mostly revolve around the Legends games having better power usage, more mainstream X-Men cameos, and co-op.  All this mostly says is the game was rough but under all that like of funds is a gem of a game.  X-Men: Destiny's plot is the ultimate X-Men wish fulfillment. 

Your playing three of the major types of genre personalities for new mutants, you fight along side the X-Men in several battles, you get assigned to missions immediately after your powers are revealed which given the circumstances wasn't as unreason as that sounds as most of the crazy missions you end up on are because you stumbled into them, your special mutation is relevant for saving the day, and to make it all even better one of the challenges is a match against Wolverine to see who can take out the most goons.  

Now it isn't the ultimate Brotherhood fantasy but when is the evil side of a game ever that thought out.  

You are probably isn't Infamous the better X-Men fantasy and for me Infamous doesn't feel as X-Men as say: Push, Ajin, or Grimmnoir  chronicles.  Infamous is a somewhat noir take on the classic sole hero and not so much as a team story as the X-Men but I love them both.  

Update - 18 SEP 2017

Sep. 18th, 2017 08:11 am
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There's lots of things I could be talking about here. I'm going to talk about the plants I've purchased for the garden.

Gardening under the fold )

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Sep. 16th, 2017 09:18 am
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So The Dwarves was the standard fantasy faire book that you would have expected.  There isn't much of the way of twist and turns the good guys are the good guys and the bad guys are the bad guys and it is obvious at first glance.  I'm not sure if the book benefited or not from the approach.  The straightforwardness of the protagonist was a draw of the story and running into lots of reasonable good guys was rather refreshing.  

The book suffers from wasting time building characters to die that the reader didn't particular need to see die or ever meet in the first place.  This weights down the first part of the book badly I feel some of the reveals we could have had along side the characters as opposed to knowing far in advance as the information wasn't played as dramatic irony.  

The charm of the book as stated above is the optimistic protagonist who was wonderful to read about as he trudges along the impossible adventure in an upbeat manner.  I'm not sure I'd follow the rest of the series as dwarves are not particular my speed for fantasy folk but reading the first one was quite fun.  

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Sep. 16th, 2017 02:40 am
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i bought a giant heatpack-filled-with-herbs-and-wondrousness from Origins and it's over my shoulders and mmm i can't wait for winter
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Franfeliano’s The Person Below Me prompt on GOS was:

TPBM will make a sim with high cheekbones, thick eyebrows that loves any bright color, her/his favorite season is Winter. 

So here is Queen Annabelle. 


Queen Annabelle about to commence a snowball fight with her husband King Albert!

She loves the snow of winter and bright colors seen in her dress and outerwear.

Making Snow angels ^_^

Annabelle has the high cheekbones and thick brows along with little pointy ears.


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Sep. 14th, 2017 08:02 pm
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 Finished Festival of Blood which I adore more than I should but it is a short game, with fun use of the pervious games setting, lots of fun colors, the narration harks a bit back to the first game, and you get to spend a fun evening killing lots and lots of vampires.  While in second game I was displeased with the Cole and Zeke relationship I thought it fit the mood of this one.  I may also be a huge sucker for stories that may or may not have happened.  

I've now come to the end of my infamous play through as I'm lacking a PS4 to play Second Son which I suppose is all good and well because the game continues the trend of utterly changing all the canon of the last game.  Conduits all over the world died because of our hero's action didn't happen, didn't even sort of happen. It is all quite weird because the evil ending allowed for the set up of Second Son.  

I'm still disappointed they didn't have two separate games depending on the ending you chose.  Don't have them be carbon copy games either have one with a customizable protagonist in one city and the other a designated protagonist in another dealing with the different consequences the different choices created. 

My personal opinion would be to continue Cole's storyline in the good ending and have your hero as the lead in the evil ending because the situation would be so fascinating; are the conduits happy with Cole's actions from the last game.  If they're not is it even worth the effort to take down the beast.  And I could go one.  Of course tweaking he new guy's world setting a bit so it would fit in the evil ending would work just as well and have you custom hero as the lead in the good ending.  

Then I don't understand why most games with the two big ending don't make games that reflect the radically different ending.  They are just going to pump out pointless sequels and spin off and this way at least they don't have to gloss over the player choses as much and there is a lot more room for creativity and money because personally I'd like to play both options.  It isn't like there isn't a best selling game series already that has multiple versions that most fans end up buy both of.   


Sep. 12th, 2017 10:24 pm
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mental health explodes but your boss assures you a many-thousand-dollar raise is coming if you can but HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT(S)


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