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So, I found a long lost thumbdrive that had my notes and completed chapters for a Nano project from a few years back. So, back to posting it. I have most of it written, just misplaced the thumbdrive for a while *coughs*year or two*coughs*

So, now I continue to post Dain af Niohoggr.

Title: Dain af Niohoggr
Pairings: Sort of a lazy pile of people, including Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack, Vincent, Chaos, Aeris.

Warnings: Massive, MASSIVE AU time. I'll provide links to the rest of the fic up to this point as well. Also: implications of incest, though not really in your face.
Disclaimer: Not mine, though Mercverse is a shiny thing I love playing with.
Word Count: 2,152
Completed or In Progress: Very much in progress.

Summary: In a world where demons and immortals are not something looked at too funny, the rise of an old evil wakes up old alliances and fear. So guess who gets to deal with it? At least Cloud is getting paid for this.

Author's Notes: As I said, this is a massive AU project that I tossed out for others to play in, then decided to work the plot bunny of doom I had into it. Few notes, just so you know the basics: Cloud is an immortal, Zack was a kid he picked up and made a nominal "heir" so Court would shut up. Vincent and Chaos are half demon brothers, and Sephiroth is a mage who would rather play mercenary than deal with his father.

What is posted up to this point: Fic till now here

Dain af Niohoggr

Kiss Kiss

Jul. 16th, 2010 09:10 pm
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Title: Kiss Kiss
Author: GuiltyRed
Warnings: crack and momness
Word count: ~1000
Phone calls from Mommy Dearest - *sigh* Hello, Mother....
Summary: Kadaj loves his mother, but…damn.

Kiss Kiss )
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Title: Reunion
Challenge: Sephiroth
Characters: the Remnants and their God
Word count: 100
A/N: I’m going with the theory that all three of the Shinentai merged together to bring about the return of Sephiroth. Considering what happened in the tunnel and then upon the bridge, I don’t think these two were in the best shape when Kadaj triggered the Reunion; can’t help but wonder if that tipped the scales at the end.

No! It’s too soon!

The realization clawed its way through Yazuu’s brain as the wrenching power of the reunion came over them. He clung to Loz, feeling his own essence shift and lift and separate.

The Three must now become One.

But, we’re not ready! I’m weakened, Loz is wounded! Yazuu thought frantically, almost willing to resist, to hold himself here, hold his brother here.

Loz smiled as his form scattered, his pain diffused into the One.

Yazuu closed his eyes and let himself follow. Sephiroth is the God, after all; the weakness of the parts should make no difference…


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